Hydraulic Tank

PWM Controls Inc. was established with the purpose of providing the industry with the most advanced, reliable, and user-friendly Proportional Valve Drivers.

The Proportional Valve Driver is an electronic device powered by a regulated or unregulated DC supply or a battery (in mobile applications).  It receives small power signals from a potentiometer, joystick, PLC, analogue output card, computer, or other control device and delivers high power controlled current to the solenoid of a proportional valve in order to regulate through pressure or flow the motion of a hydraulic actuator.

The Drivers' design is the result of increasing demand among industry leaders for superior products.  They are engineered to satisfy the stringent requirements of an evolving industry; their specifications and innovative features are a reflection of years of electro-hydraulic controls experience and valuable user feedback.

The Drivers take advantage of the impressive performance of the most recently developed microcontrollers.  They are now able to perform complex tasks, never before expected from drivers.

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