DIN rail, BT Sealed, WiFi Valve Driver Enclosure Valve Driver Application

The Wireless Universal Drivers can control one dual solenoid valve or two independent single solenoid valves, proportionally to analogue input command signals.

The input signals can be selected from the industry standard 0-10V, 4-20mA, +/-10V or any sub-ranges thereof.  In addition to that, the driver accepts ON/OFF signals for other functions.

The solenoid outputs are pulse width modulated, with frequency adjustable from 33 to 1000Hz, up to 4A.  The driver can control the output current or the output duty cycle, proportional to the input.

The Wireless Interface is used to monitor input and output signals or to configure and tune up the driver to the application.  It is not needed for normal operation.

WiFi User Interface: PVD4R11 DIN rail mounted, PVD4E11 Environmentally sealed
Compatible with most internet enabled devices and browsers, no app needed. 

Legacy Bluetooth User Interface: PVD4R01 DIN rail mounted
Compatible with Android phones/tablets and Windows PC laptops/desktops,
requires installation of the DriverLink app.  Download it here for Android or Windows.

shows real time inputs, outputs and
other information
allows the operator to view and modify
the settings of the driver